Plastical and its commitment into the startup scene


In these last 2 years we positioned ourselves clearly as one of the few consultancies that deal with startups and innovation. We really believe that the potential of young talents, creative projects and endless hours of intensive work to make an idea happen are the real driver toward success.

We helped several startups and amazing entrepreneurs reach their goals and succeed. It’s our business and we’re paid for it.

But we also thought that, after such an intense work with and into the scene, it was time to give back. Read more on »

What it means being a TEDx speaker (for a day)



When in January the Lugano’s TEDx team asked me to be a speaker for their second event hosted at the Franklin University I started to get nervous. Although honoured and pleased by this invitation, I was really concerned about the contents and how those could have a real impact on the audience.
I’m quite used to talk in public, so the main problem was to build a story which had the potential to: 1. engage the audience and 2. to come up with something worth spreading. Read more on »

Tech&Lunch events. Joining the local startup community


Together with Fondazione Agire we’re hosting a series of events at the Tecnopolo Ticino. The next one will be awesome: we’re bringing MassChallenge, one of the biggest accelerator programs worldwide in Ticino open to all the local startups willing to experience 4 months in one of their locations: Boston, UK or Israel.

That’s why we are looking for the top Ticino Startups!

Startups in MassChallenge receive free resources and opportunities, including mentorship, office space, and access to a global network. Finalist startups will also compete for millions in non-dilutive cash awards: over $1.5 million in MassChallenge Boston and £500 thousand (~$760 thousand) in MassChallenge UK.

Info Session details
Date: March 20th 2015, 11:30 – 14:00
Location: Tecnopolo Ticino, Stabile Suglio, Auditorium, Via Cantonale 18, 6928 Manno
Guest speaker: Nick Balestra, founder and CEO Beyounic.

Attend for free!
Enjoy the Tech&Lunch event series at Tecnopolo Ticino.
Pizza, drinks and networking for people willing to share and learn from amazing entrepreneurs.

Register now:


The diary #013: 48 hours in one of the top accelerators in Europe.


Nearbors pitch
A week ago we got an email from Louisa, COO of StartupBootcamp Berlin, telling us that we were one of the teams selected to pitch on the 27th of May in Berlin for the Smart transportation & Energy program happening next Fall.

StartupBootcamp is among the top accelerators in Europe (and rating really high worldwide), backed by amazing companies such as Bosch Global, Castrol, Cisco, EnBW, Here (Nokia), and Mercedes-Benz. We applied to SBC with our Nearbors project some weeks ago and we forgot about it. When we read the email we were enthusiastic, but also panicking! We had less than 4 days to book our stay in Berlin, get ready with the best pitch we could put together and do our best to be admitted in the program. Read more on »

The diary #011 — Relationships matter


We have been silent in these days. The amount of work is overwhelming and we are dedicating every single minute to keep up with all the project we’re involved in.

I promised you that we will try to post about our journey at the Tecnopolo Ticino, the incubator of the Agire foundation, regularly, but honestly we had nothing fascinating to write about or, at least, nothing that we thought would matter. Read more on »

The diary #010 — The nightfly


Plastical - The nightfly
We’re in Chiasso since a month.
Day after day we’re getting used to this new place, quiet different in many ways than our previous one.

For almost 5 years I evangelised the benefits of working from home and gave some advices and tips of my own, but having an office space has some great advantages too: the main one is finally realising that there’s a natural scheduling of working hours and non-working hours, that it means a better work life balance than we had previously.

Actually, I think it’s all about lights.
When it’s dark (early morning, late afternoon or, in cold winter days, when it’s rainy or foggy), lights in the offices are on. It’s the sign that you’re at the beginning or at the end of the working day. I just came up with it and, although this is not the most brilliant intuition I got so far, I thought it was worth to mention it.

But all this reminds me to Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly. My past radio experience, the right kind of music in the background and all this story about the lights, has some romance in it…