ZeroString, simple anti-spam solution


Are you flooded with spammers? Users complain that they can’t read your reCAPTCHA verification?

Here’s where our ZeroString (I’d like to put a ™ here, but leave it to others) method comes handy.
We won’t sell you anything.
It is just a way we found that improves anti-spam verification in your forms and allows everyone to complete a form without the hassels of deciphering the captcha image generated by any of those unreadable image generated string systems.
You’ll say: WOW, great! But how? It’s that simple.

Consider these three key points:

1. Duration
Humans need some time to fill a form or to do any kind of operation. If you verify how long does it take to complete a form or how long it takes to enter the page and when the user clicks on the submit button, there’s certainly a bunch of seconds. Studies show that the average time spent on a form is more than 4/10 seconds and less than 15 minutes. If you randomly change the earliest time (i.e., from 3 to 9 sec), no bot will be able to guess the exact delay between the earliest time for acceptance and the time needed to fill in the form. Human users will never realize that this type of verification has ever occured.

2. Antiforgery
This is just a simple verification that must be integrated in your website as default. Any spammer can build an exact form page as yours and fill some data. Your server must verify the origin of the submission with some effective Antiforgery token.

3. A random text of random length
The verification textbox works the opposite of the reCAPTCHA’s one. Instead of asking to fill the textbox with the given characters, our method implies that you delete a random generated text (of random length) and leave it empty. Why? Because bots are dumb and they generally fill textboxes and select or check boxes randomly. Forcing to have a textbox empty implies to have a human in front of the form and, to exactly delete the whole textbox, you have to know how long it is.

4. Choose an approval system (Akismet or custom made)

So, this is our ZeroString anti-spam method. We will soon show you some real-world examples. We can’t sell it, we will not create any type of module, widget or custom made integration (unless you ask us to design or develop your website, but this is something else), but we are eager to know if you’ll ever adopt it.

You can see a live demo on the plastical’s website.

Let us know what you think. Leave a comment or contact us for further information.