Home Office Survival Kit – #10 Charge what you are worth


I won’t beat around the bush on this one.

What to charge is one of the most searched topics online, and all share the same assumptions: value yourself and what you do and, more in general, avoid undercharging or giving away services for free. Even more if you’re a home business owner.

But with too much information is hard to come up with something useful, thus I share my very own point of view and some of the points we considered while setting our prices.

1. There’s absolutely no reason to charge differently (and by that I mean less) than our office space equivalents! We are experienced professionals and, as long as the results are the same (and usually better) as those offered by the competition, there’s no reason to charge less just because we work from home.
2. We consider all our clients the same way: we separated our private and professional lives right from the beginning and we try (hard) to never compromise, even with our friends.
3. We sacrifice our quality of life more than others. We forgot long time ago the meaning of 9-6 and our work schedule is 24/7, thus our clients know that we are able to help them quickly and more efficiently in a few seconds, rather than hours.
4. We aren’t interested in entering a price competition: we set our hourly rate according to the industry’s standard.
5. 80% of the time we meet our clients in their respective environments. Why on heart shall they bother how we are organized?
6. For the remaining 20%, those who come to visit us find our approach far less formal and thus much more stimulating for generating ideas. And since we offer creative services this is a value added point that competition can’t offer.

And what about you?
Do you struggle with charging what you think you’re worth?

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