Home Office Survival Kit – #12 Be ready to change and to innovate


Working from home can turn into your worst nightmare, if you’re not able to face reality: as soon as you step into the home business work environment you probably have bought yourself a ticket for failure!

The brutal reality is that you play the game of the potential loser as soon as you decide to drop that mid-level job downtown, dreaming of making big bucks sitting in your sleepwear in front of your shiny new portable computer you just bought.

There are a chances that starting your business from a dedicated space you set up in a corner of your living room will remain an infinite bootstrapping project: and by that I mean that you will not make it for a living and you will never have enough revenues to scale and to become the founder of a Fortune 500 company.

There’s even more: it really doesn’t matter how much you try to offer the best services, the lowest prices, the kindest support or the most affordable and easiest way to engage with your – very few – clients. There will be always someone smarter, better, cheaper, faster, kinder than you. Always!

I’m not telling you lies. Your home business will just remain inconsistent for the few years (or months) it will last and you’ll struggle to survive and overcome thousands of difficulties. This is the real scenario that home businesses face 4 out of 5 in their first 5 years of existence.

It becomes even worse if you consider that it doesn’t matter what you do and how good you are by making what you do: working from home simply means that anyone who has a computer connected to the web and some free, paid or cracked software is a potential or a real competitor.

So the question is: is there anything you can do to avoid failure and turn your business into success?
Well, there are only two things to overcome the potential seizure of being broken: be ready to change and to innovate constantly and each day.
This is the only real rule that I can tell you: no books or no mentors will tell you that the chances that your home business will grow and turn into a profitable entrepreneurial initiative are doomed since the beginning. Why? Simply because they’d lose their fee and their own credibility in that precise moment.
Who on earth will tell you that your potential is that of an ant towards a giant hippo? Nobody… Except me, who is running a home business as you. And my personal advice is to keep learning and changing.

Home businesses have a real low entry barrier and your potential is held back by your own assets: you have to fight to demonstrate that you’re valuable although working from home, your business is built on innovative and creative premises and you, the owner, are stronger and more skilled than any other competitor in the surroundings.
You also have to be ready to change, very quickly, because as soon as you decide to make a step towards a new idea there will be already someone else who will enter the same market.

What about niches?
Those are a big bluff. You can’t enter a niche just because you think you have certain skills or you’re specializing in certain fields. You have to work even harder to establish yourself in small and close markets; and as soon as someone else realizes that there’s a potential for him too, he won’t let you go all by yourself and he will fight you to win his share.
Working from home usually is the result of some personal and professional decisions: but never, I say NEVER, underestimate the risks of not being greater than your competition. Otherwise you’re elected to fail. You and other three home businesses like yours out of five.

Does it sound dramatic?
Well, it is.
But don’t fall in to a constant turmoil. If you know what you want and you get ready to live a life of uncertainty and risks, chances are that you won’t be beaten too many times.

Share your thoughts and your ideas. I’d like to ear from you and how did or didn’t succeed with your home business.