The diary #001 – We moved to Chiasso


Setting up the phone landline

So, this post comes after a while. A lot happened during the last year and we must admit that we didn’t like 2013 too much.
We moved. Yes. We took our private and professional lives, put them in a blender and turn it on. The result? Well we have (almost) launched a startup. We have been involved in lots of initiatives to promote innovation and startups and we finally have been asked to join the team of the Agire foundation to support them with the management of the digital hub in Chiasso.

So, here we are. Setting up our new office space right in the middle of this city, Chiasso, a few steps away from the Italian border. It’s unusual for people like us, used to have their home office, but for what we have seen so far everything seems amazing.

We will keep you posted and let you know, day bay day, what we will do, what we will achieve, how our new professional (and for some parts private) lives will move on.