The diary #003 — The laundry


Me and the laundry
We already told you that we turned into startuppers, right?

Well, for almost a decade we had our wash machine in house. Great confort and great autonomy in doing the laundry when we wanted. Really, a time saver. to tell the truth, for us, living without it, was unconceivable… However, here in Chiasso we weren’t allowed to have one at home and so we had to get used to to this new situation.

So, today I had the first impact with the condos shared laundry… Our scheduled time is of 4 hours on Thursdays, from 5pm to 9pm. A tight schedule to do everything, but I made it!

Briefly, from now on, my Thursday’s “happy hour” will be do laundry and go running. Nice, uh?