The diary #002 – The fear of change


Skyline at dawn in Chiasso
Everybody evangelises “change”, renewal, innovation… But at the end of the day nobody really wants changes. That’s it. End of story.

When we first said that we will move, everyone thought that we’re going in some super-condo flat with a panoramic view on the lake of Lugano. Instead, we took the downsizing path and took a modest – but really cute – flat just to be closer to our new office spaces. Bummer. The voices we heard were a choir of disagreement. For them, our decision, was a step back and not a step forward, thus a negative change, a bad change.

Why I’m telling you this? Because people tend to consider an improvement if you’re expanding, growing or simply making more money. For them going for a better place, having an apparent better job or buying a more expensive car is considered, socially, a good “change”. On the opposite, quitting a great paid job, sell your unused car or simply move from a bigger to a smaller flat then you’re, socially, a failure. Imho, those individuals are short sighted. They only see one side of the coin.

There are plans, discussions, thoughts that lead to certain important decisions. And those decisions, for those who are not directly involved, do not appear as the smartest or the best move to make. At least on the short term. But what’s about the long term?
We, Barbara and me, see for ourselves a bright future: less time spent driving and more time doing what we love to do. Having all the services right behind the corner is a great plus. And, add it to the list of positive things, we have hundreds, if not thousands, of francs spared for lunch.
Talking money? Here in Chiasso, the rents are one third (and even one half) cheaper than in Lugano. And at last, here we have the concrete a real opportunity to be directly involved with other amazing companies and startups.

Changes are driven by opportunities and the most of those come without notice. The decision to move was hard, but we took it, with all the consequences. We knew there’s uncertainty, but we embraced change however.

So, be proud of our move. And don’t be afraid of change, or at least try not to be it for us.