The diary #005 — Recycle, baby!


Paper waste
There’s nothing more daunting than having to think about how to manage your waste… It’s a complicated task that requires a notable effort, especially if you do care about the environment.

Here in Chiasso, paper is collected at least twice a month. Which isn’t bad at all. Your task as an individual or as a company is trying find ways to carefully place your boxes, your thrown documents or anything paper-based that is easily reachable at the right time. Read: take out that mass of stuff out of the door when the urban facilities come to pick it up.

Cool, isn’t it?

Well, the flip side is that paper is collected on Monday’s, which turns into a hellish nightmare for companies: they have bring it out and place it near the garbage on Sunday evenings… And since no employees would be happy to do it, it’s a founders task! Not so cool anymore…

So, dear Municipality, why Monday???