The diary #007 — When you don’t know what to say…


The Digital Incubator
Writing about daily activities seems more challenging than I thought… I must admit that yesterday (and also today) I was completely focused on an important project (for which I’m also late, but this is another story) and I couldn’t come up with something meaningful to write about.

Probably it’s about inspiration. But writing (and I don’t mean being a journalist, a blogger or a top selling author, just someone who’s able to write down some words with a meaning) it’s though. But I want to keep the promise and try to tell you what happened in these last 48 hours.

By the way, thanks for reading our posts. We could not imagine you were so many following us!

So back to yesterday.
We woke up at 5:30AM because I had a meeting in Lugano with a client. The client suggested to meet early, around 7, to let me skip the morning traffic on the motorway.
Unfortunately I experienced my first Chiasso-Lugano traffic jam of my life. At first I thought I’m going to be stuck here ’til noon, but in 15 minutes it all passed and I arrived in Lugano on time 25 minutes late.

I love driving and if I have to wait for me it’s really not a problem: we moved and we are able to telecommute exactly as before and I only need to take the car just once in a while. But if I have a meeting I hate to be late. Next time I’ll certainly take a train. Although a little bit expensive it’s safer and it’s usually on time.
If I came up with this, why all those who drive alone in their cars do the same? Seriously: do some car pooling or travel by train… It’s really a non-sense filling up the motorways with cars with only one passenger: the driver.

At midday I had a run with an entrepreneur and a friend around Genestrerio. A nice and pleasant 7.5km run in the fields and in the woods while chatting about entrepreneurship and startups. I really needed, after so many weeks, a conversation with someone who’s not too much involved in our daily duties. It helps you to refresh your… ideas and it’s an opportunity to learn new things. It made me happy!

Then I came back. I wasn’t really in the mood to work from the office and so I sat on my old Plastical’s chair and began working… Then we went to sleep, then woke up, got some congratulations for my birthday, then worked until noon, had lunch with Barbara and kept working until 20 minutes ago (yep! it took so long to write these lines… So?).

All this just to tell you that I really don’t know what you say…