The diary #008 — Let it Snow


Today it’s my turn. Ryan forced me asked me to write a couple of words about my day and my adventurous trip by train. To be honest, there’s nothing special about it, but ok…

I woke up at 5 and it was snowing. Experience taught me that snow and motorways, especially in Ticino, don’t come along. In fact, by listening to the radio and having a look at the Canton’s motorways webcams my fears proved to be founded. No way to take the car, drive with a huge traffic jam and reach SUPSI on time!

So I planned to travel by train… After 20 or something years! Since I own a car, I’ve almost never traveled by train, thus catch up with a couple of fundamentals: tickets and timetable. No idea.
So I had to check the SFR (Swiss Federal Railways) website and try to understand how all the process works. I finally came up with a price and a scheduled departure time: 8.28. Of course, I did everything to be on time, but I missed the train (for 2 minutes, ahhhrghhh! Swiss precision and punctuality!) and I had to wait for the next one, a half an hour later.

Well, while waiting I met a friend of mine and we chatted a bit. So the time passed quiet fast and we took the train together, direction Lamone-Cadempino.

Manno is 20 something minutes walking distance. From the railway station to SUPSI I had to walk in the snow. Obviously I arrived late, really late. But luckily almost everybody was late too so I didn’t feel embarrassed and my class could finally begin.
The snow kept falling down during the morning: I knew that taking the train instead of the car was the right decision.

Then it was time to come back. Again, by train. This time, thanks to a classmate who was going to Lugano and who blocked the train’s door while I was doing the ticket, I caught it on time.

Traveling by train is ok, at least to overcome the inconvenience of a snowing day… But I love to be independent (and my Mini ONE!) and I plan that I won’t take one again any time soon.