The diary #009 — Startup perspectives


Just because you are in startup mode it does not mean that all the rest magically disappears. On the opposite, your daily duties see an additional, huge, amount of work.

You might have seen that for some weeks we have put on hold our side project Nearbors in favour of Plastical. Yet, we’re dealing with two different activities and we have to balance the amount of time ad efforts we put in each one. Priorities change according to what are the opportunities that arise around one of them.

Plastical is our established company since 2008 and since then has known a slight but significant growth. Meanwhile, during the past six years a lot has changed. Design, visual communication and traditional marketing activities aren’t the same services offered previously. There are new meanings and more complex and broader range of services that are coming into play. And clients expect a new kind of advice. Many agencies go for an appealing term: branding. But we are rather convinced that branding is a bit too limiting, because our expertise goes unavoidably far beyond it, thus the need of a deeper understanding of the core assets of emerging or well established companies.

Business strategy is what we really offer and what our clients really ask for. It’s about mid-long term shared knowledge that leads to creative and targeted solutions built together. Strategy comes out from the core values of businesses and individuals we deal with and it’s a foundation for what we’ll do next, moving on in the creative and design process. We really do everything to give the perfect tools to help innovators and startups truly stand out and become world players.

Communication is also something we think stays at the core of our services. “Communicate” is an ancient latin word which means “together”. In a world that is shifting towards a sharing economy, communication is the sole fundamental concept to remark.
Leaving communication theories aside, the world has become a global network, that is constantly and continuously sharing data, information and knowledge. Plastical was born as a communication agency and now, more than before, professional communication services have their momentum and we’re among the leading ones.

Our clients love what we’ve been able to do for them. We’d love to help other businesses and clients fell il love with us (or with what we are able to do for them).

Come to visit us in Chiasso. Let’s have a talk and find out why we think working together is going to be awesome!