The diary #010 — The nightfly


Plastical - The nightfly
We’re in Chiasso since a month.
Day after day we’re getting used to this new place, quiet different in many ways than our previous one.

For almost 5 years I evangelised the benefits of working from home and gave some advices and tips of my own, but having an office space has some great advantages too: the main one is finally realising that there’s a natural scheduling of working hours and non-working hours, that it means a better work life balance than we had previously.

Actually, I think it’s all about lights.
When it’s dark (early morning, late afternoon or, in cold winter days, when it’s rainy or foggy), lights in the offices are on. It’s the sign that you’re at the beginning or at the end of the working day. I just came up with it and, although this is not the most brilliant intuition I got so far, I thought it was worth to mention it.

But all this reminds me to Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly. My past radio experience, the right kind of music in the background and all this story about the lights, has some romance in it…