The diary #011 — Relationships matter


We have been silent in these days. The amount of work is overwhelming and we are dedicating every single minute to keep up with all the project we’re involved in.

I promised you that we will try to post about our journey at the Tecnopolo Ticino, the incubator of the Agire foundation, regularly, but honestly we had nothing fascinating to write about or, at least, nothing that we thought would matter.

Our to do list has hugely grown in these couple of weeks. And I’m not saying that we had nothing to do before, but simply that before we were able to cope with it sparing some time to dedicate to our agency’s brand.
Something has changed since we’re in Chiasso. And for the good.

We are really enjoying from being actively involved in the technology transfer process the Agire foundation has put in place. We’re meeting a lot of great people who are coming to our office spaces: entrepreneurs, startuppers and people that are really willing to share experiences in an open and tech savvy environment.
This is also generating some meaningful leads, which for us is awesome. A few have become our clients and we are sure we will be 100% committed to help them on their path to success.

Although we’re working more and getting new clients, there’s the flip-side.
Our spaces are still a mess as they were when we moved in (and, no, we do not take descriptive pics to show it). I personally do not like to blame someone, but in this case I have to.
It’s great being partners of such an important institution, but their schedule is annoyingly slow and ineffectual! We’re waiting for some furniture, we’re waiting to be set up with the meeting room and for all the other basic facilities (the most important: toilet paper!).
They’ll make it work, that’s for sure, but time effectiveness for our business is everything. I hope they’ll get it soon…
Until then, all this does not help working from there. In fact, while I’m writing, I’m at home. The purpose of having an office is to work from there, be productive, and go home to have some rest.
Nevermind, it did not stop us of doing a great job. Both Agire and us :)

We are just in the middle of a big change, but what’s great about all this, is that we have built amazing relationships. Because relationships matter. More than anything.