The diary #012 — Let’s pitch


A lot of accelerators require a video presentation of the founding team.

We did our for Nearbors, our crowd-based delivery service project (you’ve heard of it, right?).

Pitching is an art and we’re still learning and trying to improve. But we like how it came out after a 20 minutes “self-training” and we’re pretty sure a VC or an Angel won’t be too much disappointed.
Or maybe we’re wrong. So suggestions and critiques are more than welcome.

Since a startup, in our opinion, is just a team of goal driven people exploring the market in search of the perfect product-market fit, we really need feedbacks!

Feel free to comment and let us know your valuable opinions :)

Nearbors Cofounders Pitch from Nearbors on Vimeo.

PS.: have a laugh! Check our bloopers video as well ;)

Nearbors Cofounders Pitch – Bloopers from Nearbors on Vimeo.