Fail fast, fail early.


There’s nothing more true than this. You have a project, you believe in it’s potential. You do your homework but after a while it does not work. Is that so bad? Not really, if you have a Plan B, C, D…

Straight to the point.
We just had left Nearbors for the good. Unfortunately we had not been able to launch it and make it a success as we expected and wanted. Truth is that we were not able to rise funds to complete the development and to have enough resources to put our feet in our target markets (US, UK and Germany). We spoke with many great people all over the world about the project: the idea was great, but we lacked execution and market traction. And the critique was not on us, but the place we were building Nearbors: “Switzerland / Ticino aren’t the right place to launch a crowd-based platform. Focus on the US” or “Why just do not move to SF and try there?”… Great, we knew we had to go there, but we could not. Not without some money to live there for some time and fully work on the project. No money, no SF. No SF, no traction… and no money again. A chicken/egg problem we did not sort out.
So, after our great time in Berlin and some other meeting with investors and mentors we asked ourselves: shall we continue or shall we stop and move on with something else?

We took the second option and now we’re out with something less geeky and complex, a simple, beautiful and working online magazine: Tipiù ( We decided to stay humble, to start with something less “game changing”, but to go out as quickly as possible.

Although not in the same field, we are back again. Thanks for all the love and opportunities you gave us for Nearbors. Hope you’ll give it to Tipiù as well.