Plastical and its commitment to the startup scene


In these last 2 years we positioned ourselves clearly as one of the few consultancies that deal with startups and innovation. We really believe that the potential of young talents, creative projects and endless hours of intensive work to make an idea happen are the real driver toward success.

We helped several startups and amazing entrepreneurs reach their goals and succeed. It’s our business and we’re paid for it.

But we also thought that, after such an intense work with and into the scene, it was time to give back.

We first launched Tipiù, the first Southern Swiss e-magazine about entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, which, in less than a year, reached a great deal of popularity. Thanks to Tipiù we had also an additional opportunity: to become partners (for Ticino and the Italian speaking Switzerland) with, the official and unique source of information about startups, innovation and technology in Switzerland. How amazing is that?

Our second involvement into the startup scene has been to organise the first hackathon in Ticino (which also turned out to be the first open-air hackathon in Switzerland…), Hack the City. During the last weekend of August (28, 29 and 30), 40 “hackers” decided to attend and spend 48 hours of their time working on clever hacks and gather in Chiasso. It was really exciting and rewarding. Everyone, including sponsors and partners, agreed that there must be a second edition. Of course, we’re already working to make HTC16 a reality.

The team at Plastical is always ready to work on creative ideas and innovative projects. Contact us if you think we’re the right fit to support your startup or help you with your business!