Making an impact in the 3rd most innovative region in the world


If you remember, in early 2015 Barbara and Ryan decided that it was time to promote and launch a special event, where developers, designers, makers and people with business backgrounds could gather and spend some time together. Hack the City was born!

In less than 3 years Hack the City has become one of the most influential events of its kind in Switzerland, among HackZurich and the recently born BernHackt.

Hack the City is just one event among many others that help people with similar interests to meet in a friendly and joyful environment. The principle is to be creative and build something meaningful, that can have an inpact in solving real-world problems. In addition, the best ideas and projects are awarded with valuable prizes.
Moreover, also due to high demand, we added a series of speeches and round tables that could perfectly fit with this type of event. The 2017’s edition saw a list of great speakers and great mentors willing to share their stories with a non-tech audience. We all eagerly need to be informed by people working and being involved in the digital industry. We need to stay in touch with what’s coming next, what are the challenges and opportunities that the fast evolving technology brings to us.

Our goal is not to make a profit (although we need to cover our expenses), but to give back to a community made of amazing people. A community that it is steadily growing and demonstrating that we, in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, are also able to compete nationally and internationally heads-up. Studies show that Ticino is third in these terms in Switzerland. And — just to remind you — Switzerland is one of the most competitive countries in the world since several years (if not the most competitive).

We’re happy that our efforts and passion, although built on very limited resources, are having an impact on our region and in the local digital industry. Probably this is the reason why the Canton of Ticino and its Office for the promotion of the economy supports Hack the City. In fact, from 2016, Hack the City is an event promoted within the Regional Innovation System Ticino (RIS) and supported by many important institutions.