The diary #011 — Relationships matter


We have been silent in these days. The amount of work is overwhelming and we are dedicating every single minute to keep up with all the project we’re involved in.

I promised you that we will try to post about our journey at the Tecnopolo Ticino, the incubator of the Agire foundation, regularly, but honestly we had nothing fascinating to write about or, at least, nothing that we thought would matter. Read more on »

The diary #010 — The nightfly


Plastical - The nightfly
We’re in Chiasso since a month.
Day after day we’re getting used to this new place, quiet different in many ways than our previous one.

For almost 5 years I evangelised the benefits of working from home and gave some advices and tips of my own, but having an office space has some great advantages too: the main one is finally realising that there’s a natural scheduling of working hours and non-working hours, that it means a better work life balance than we had previously.

Actually, I think it’s all about lights.
When it’s dark (early morning, late afternoon or, in cold winter days, when it’s rainy or foggy), lights in the offices are on. It’s the sign that you’re at the beginning or at the end of the working day. I just came up with it and, although this is not the most brilliant intuition I got so far, I thought it was worth to mention it.

But all this reminds me to Donald Fagen’s The Nightfly. My past radio experience, the right kind of music in the background and all this story about the lights, has some romance in it…

The diary #009 — Startup perspectives


Just because you are in startup mode it does not mean that all the rest magically disappears. On the opposite, your daily duties see an additional, huge, amount of work.

You might have seen that for some weeks we have put on hold our side project Nearbors in favour of Plastical. Yet, we’re dealing with two different activities and we have to balance the amount of time ad efforts we put in each one. Priorities change according to what are the opportunities that arise around one of them. Read more on »

The diary #008 — Let it Snow


Today it’s my turn. Ryan forced me asked me to write a couple of words about my day and my adventurous trip by train. To be honest, there’s nothing special about it, but ok…

I woke up at 5 and it was snowing. Experience taught me that snow and motorways, especially in Ticino, don’t come along. In fact, by listening to the radio and having a look at the Canton’s motorways webcams my fears proved to be founded. No way to take the car, drive with a huge traffic jam and reach SUPSI on time! Read more on »

The diary #007 — When you don’t know what to say…


The Digital Incubator
Writing about daily activities seems more challenging than I thought… I must admit that yesterday (and also today) I was completely focused on an important project (for which I’m also late, but this is another story) and I couldn’t come up with something meaningful to write about.

Probably it’s about inspiration. But writing (and I don’t mean being a journalist, a blogger or a top selling author, just someone who’s able to write down some words with a meaning) it’s though. But I want to keep the promise and try to tell you what happened in these last 48 hours. Read more on »

The diary #005 — Recycle, baby!


Paper waste
There’s nothing more daunting than having to think about how to manage your waste… It’s a complicated task that requires a notable effort, especially if you do care about the environment.

Here in Chiasso, paper is collected at least twice a month. Which isn’t bad at all. Your task as an individual or as a company is trying find ways to carefully place your boxes, your thrown documents or anything paper-based that is easily reachable at the right time. Read: take out that mass of stuff out of the door when the urban facilities come to pick it up.

Cool, isn’t it?

Well, the flip side is that paper is collected on Monday’s, which turns into a hellish nightmare for companies: they have bring it out and place it near the garbage on Sunday evenings… And since no employees would be happy to do it, it’s a founders task! Not so cool anymore…

So, dear Municipality, why Monday???

The diary #004 — It just feels good


Today I experienced some hours working from our new office. Finally we have the landline and the internet connection properly set and I was able to connect and work for some hours.

It just feels good. And satisfying. I could not stop having a smile pictured on my face.

I know it won’t last, but I hope it will last for a long time.

Have an awesome Weekend!

The diary #003 — The laundry


Me and the laundry
We already told you that we turned into startuppers, right?

Well, for almost a decade we had our wash machine in house. Great confort and great autonomy in doing the laundry when we wanted. Really, a time saver. to tell the truth, for us, living without it, was unconceivable… However, here in Chiasso we weren’t allowed to have one at home and so we had to get used to to this new situation.

So, today I had the first impact with the condos shared laundry… Our scheduled time is of 4 hours on Thursdays, from 5pm to 9pm. A tight schedule to do everything, but I made it!

Briefly, from now on, my Thursday’s “happy hour” will be do laundry and go running. Nice, uh?