Is creativity the new entrepreneurship?


A quick one on entrepreneurship and creativity.

Today, as the Economy spirals downward and competition becomes stronger, businesses are struggling to find new ways to emerge and succeed.
Experts and consultants are all claiming that, in addition to the usual development and sale of innovative and top-of-mind products, there’s the need for CEOs and management to orient their decisions focusing more on creativity. Paraphrasing, it means that the old strategic model is surpassed and it’s time to embrace ideas generation as the preferred way to make (and take) decisions. Focusing on alternatives means finding new and unexplored ways to deal with complexities, while developing a new mindset is the key factor to enter a new era of business management.

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Our first experience with Mobile First and Responsive Web Design


After we published our first responsive website, many people asked us how we did it and how we approached the whole design process.
We thought about it and decided to share our experience by telling you how we started, what were the main goals and what we did in each step.

A site is about your users and your valuable content.

A political party’s website is all about valuable content: articles, posts, opinions, public acts. It all revolves around written opinionated content in the same way as news websites do.
While rethinking the Popular Democratic Party‘s website, we focused on the great importance articles have. People entering the site are interested in reading the contents and our job, as designers, is to help them have the best experience possible.
The previous website was conceived as a web portal: with lots of sections and sub-sections. We thought that this approach, although well structured, was overwhelming.
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Home Office Survival Kit – #14 Build your network


One of the most difficult aspects of becoming an entrepreneur is how to build and grow your customers’ base.
But in reality no business is able to succeed if there isn’t a solid and existing network of connections, that’s not limited to clients only.
By that I mean people that are sharing the same interests and with whom you may have engaging discussions that range from business to non-business related topics, i.e.: holidays, pets, politics, economy, children…
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The Perfect Pitch for Startups (an Infographic experiment)


Today I was in the mood for Infographics…

I’m not someone who’s into statistics, analytics and data in general, so I took +Guy Kawasaki’s pitch outline example (for startups) as a reference.
Nothing really factual or informative, really… Just experimenting.

Let me know what you think… And if you like it, feel free to share it!



Making it better is the real key to innovation


A quick one on innovation.

I personally consider innovation as the process to make things better, not newer. And by that I mean listening to people and try to solve their problems, thus giving them better products and better services, improving what’s already existing in a way others didn’t think.

Three of the most successful companies in the world built and made stand out their businesses around the simple idea of improvement, rather than invention.
For Apple, Facebook or Google being second (or a late comer) turned out to be more valuable than being first.
As a matter of facts, Apple did not invent MP3 players; but today when we think of a portable device for listening music we think iPod.
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Home Office Survival Kit – #13 Don’t procrastinate


I read somewhere that if you can’t make it in less than a week (in your plans), it simply means that the idea, project or the task you’d like to do will never be done.

It follows that one of the most dangerous ways of conducting a business is to procrastinate your fundamentals and basic tasks.
While the unexpected is something that may delay your plans, there’s nothing worse than postpone certain important aspects of your home business because you don’t want to follow up!

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Home Office Survival Kit – #12 Be ready to change and to innovate


Working from home can turn into your worst nightmare, if you’re not able to face reality: as soon as you step into the home business work environment you probably have bought yourself a ticket for failure!

The brutal reality is that you play the game of the potential loser as soon as you decide to drop that mid-level job downtown, dreaming of making big bucks sitting in your sleepwear in front of your shiny new portable computer you just bought.

There are a chances that starting your business from a dedicated space you set up in a corner of your living room will remain an infinite bootstrapping project: and by that I mean that you will not make it for a living and you will never have enough revenues to scale and to become the founder of a Fortune 500 company.

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Home Office Survival Kit – #11 Just use really useful tools



What’s great about being and working from home is that you can choose freely your favorite apps and software for your daily tasks. Since I’m into the creative field I can’t really give you an exhaustive list of tools I’d recommend and that fits to everyone, however there are some that may be considered pretty useful regardless of what’s your business.
To be clear: I’m not, as well as Plastical is not, affiliated with any of these brands or products! It’s just my personal opinion and take it for what is it.

So, let’s begin with the most important one.
Buy yourself a Mac.

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Home Office Survival Kit – #10 Charge what you are worth


I won’t beat around the bush on this one.

What to charge is one of the most searched topics online, and all share the same assumptions: value yourself and what you do and, more in general, avoid undercharging or giving away services for free. Even more if you’re a home business owner.

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