Home Office Survival Kit – #9 Less is more


I’m a big fan of how Steve Job’s did manage Apple, driven by the Leonardo’s maxim “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Rather than focusing on several products and services, he used to focus on two, maximum three priorities at the same time. No more and no less.
This lead Apple in the last decade to become one of the most recognized brands of our times, with huge profits and awesome stuff that was able to change the way we consider technology in these days.
Although I’m talking about a company with thousands of employees, I’m convinced that the way Jobs was able to cut and reduce to the essential is a valuable way to manage and own a home business too.

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Home Office Survival Kit – #8 Learn something new every day


I think that everyone whose aim is to be successful, especially working from home, has to work out some skills and a specific mindset. The list may be very long, but I think that the most important ones are: thinking out of the box (which is a bloated and over-abused expression, but I still consider it as fundamental), having a broad mind, talent and being on the constant lookout for innovation and great ideas, focus on how to develop and grow a business and passion and eagerness to learn something new every day.

As usual, I begin with something autobiographical.
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Home Office Survival Kit – #7 Use original software


This is not a real “tip”, because it applies to a more broader and general suggestion.

I know that being a home worker you probably are tempted to download cracked versions or available serials to unlock expensive applications and softwares.

But here’s what I think.

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Home Office Survival Kit – Video Episode 2 [Tips 4-6]


Here’s the second short video of our “home-office survival kit” series.
In this episode:

#4 Don’t let yourself go
#5 Backup, backup, backup
#6 Organize your office like a pro

As always, feel free to share your comments!

Home Office Survival Kit – #6 Organize your office like a pro


Working from home, as I already told you, has several disadvantages but also many advantages. Among these, the freedom to set up your home-office matching your personal taste (or the one you dealt with your family).
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Home Office Survival Kit – #5 Backup, backup, backup


When I first started working from home, in the late Nineties, I only had an assembled PC running on Windows NT with a phone-dial internet connection. Since the investment was already huge – at that time – my single 8GB hard disk was both my professional and private storage. Connecting to the web was limited to a few minutes a day and the cheapest way to share files was copying them on floppies or CDs. Read more on »

Home Office Survival Kit – #4 Don’t let yourself go


So, you bought supplies, you got up at 6 and you have plenty of things to do today.
Well, I know, the temptation of just wearing a pajama is big, but DON’T DO IT just because you have no plans to go out!

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Home Office Survival Kit – Video Episode 1 [Tips 1-3]


A short series of video tips called “home-office survival kit”.
I thought to share my personal experience as an entrepreneur working at home that may be of some help to some of you thinking to go the freelance or counseling route.

In this first episode:
#1 Wake up early
#2 Set priorities
#3 Organize your supplies of food and beverages

Home Office Survival Kit – #3 Organize your supplies of food and beverages


It may sound stupid but one of the things that puts me in a bad mood is to realize that I’m missing something.
Being married and having Barbara almost everyday out for work, I’m in charge to do the shopping, thus I have to think forward and know days before what we will need: bread, milk, butter, meat, vegetables, fruit, cheese…
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