Home Office Survival Kit – #2 Set priorities


One of the most challenging things you come across is how to properly schedule your agenda to fit tasks, meetings, time to spend with your family, shopping, gym,… There are mornings where you wake up and you’d like to spend the whole day to dedicate to your big project (maybe because is very close to a deadline), but you also have a meeting during the morning, you promised to do some shopping and it’s time to do some lawn-move because the grass in your garden is higher than in the Savannah… Read more on »

Home Office Survival Kit – #1 Try to wake up early


Ok, this morning I’ll start a short series of posts called “home-office survival kit”, because I thought to share my personal experience as an entrepreneur working at home that may be of some help to some of you thinking to go the freelance or counseling route.
Enough with this and without hesitation here’s the first one: Read more on »

Our blog gets short…


In a few words, if you type http://pla.li you’re redirected to our blog. While we do not post hundreds or thousands of posts each month, we think that this will please our readers and give a more professional appeal to what we try to do. So, from now on if you come across http://pla.li you’ll know that is written by our team here at https://blog.plastical.com.

For example: this post will be shared as http://pla.li/3.

Happy sharing!

Too many accounts will destroy the social experience


Having multiple accounts all around is becoming cumbersome. Too much to do, too many things to remember and to figure out in order to have a flowing and engaging experience.

We think we’ll put some more efforts in engaging with followers, friends and the whole community through the most influencing and powerful channels at this time: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, StumbleUpon. read on…

Further challenges for a consulting agency


In these last weeks we took some time to think about our agency: we did some shallow and random analysis in regards of the future of our business. All those led to a dramatic conclusion: design as a business is becoming – sadly – a major loss of profits.

First of all: we are a consulting agency but we do also offer design as one of our main “tangible” end results. People sometimes tend to confuse consulting with design and that’s what make us want to do some more efforts to tell our prospects and existing clients that we do more than that.
read on…

New challenges for a consulting agency



As you may have noticed, in these last couple of weeks we have made some changes in Plastical.

First let’s begin with the –so called– bad news.
Basically we have decided to shorten our executive’s team mainly for 2 reasons.

First, we are a consulting agency in the creative field and we are not focusing on design or graphics only. We state that agencies and SMEs need to be flexible and adapt quickly to the market challenges and we can’t give strategic lessons and then not act accordingly.

We are moving in a very fast and challenging market and we need to be able to adapt quickly. Unfortunately, having a specialist in-house is demanding: salaries, taxes and social insurance are fixed costs that need to be payed regularly, while clients (especially during economic crisis) aren’t doing so. You need a backup plan and some sort of financial reserve to level fixed costs and incomes. We all agree: that’s the right way to go to be a loyal and fair employer, but that’s not the point. read on…

Our Social Responsibility – Choosing the green way


plastical green

We at Plastical are very sensitive about the future of our planet. We think that paying attention to the environment, choosing carefully our habits, recycling, avoiding unnecessary prints, working from home (and thus limiting the car and fuel consumptions) is what makes our agency different amongst many others.

Our agency is 100% committed towards promoting and adopting sustainable development patterns in our daily duties. We believe that even the smallest gestures have a big impact on our futures.

Great design, beginning from our site.


In these last weeks our agency’s site has been unexpectedly listed in some great showcase sites.

We are very glad to have been recognized among the best international web designers and we’d like to thank you the community for their support, hopefully trying to do our best to strive for excellence.

One page love

One Page Love

One Page Love : http://onepagelove.com/plastical

HTML5 Showcase

HTML5 Showcase

HTML5 Showcase: http://html5-showcase.com/2011/04/plastical/

The Best Designs

The Best Designs

The Best Designs: http://www.thebestdesigns.com/2011/04/05/plastical/


What are the true challenges in web design


plastical on trends in web designIn these years, to stay competitive and offer the best possible service to whoever asks for a website, our job as designers consists of two main abilities: technical (building a site that works) and strategic (give advices on what it means having a website and make it successful).

But is there a way to define what’s good and bad in our job? And what are the true challenges that we have to face as designers?

To find an answer, I thought that the best way is to reconsider what I learned and did during these past ten years, a sort of a back look to the important technology shifts that I personally consider as milestones.

read on…